Our Team

Brigitte Lina

CEO & Global Real Estate Wealth Advisor

English – French

Upon arriving in Miami from Paris France over 15 years ago, Brigitte delved into the real estate market as an investor flipping and developing various real estate assets. Her successes connected her with others wanting to have similar success and her real estate sales brokerage career was launched. Through the years, Brigitte has developed relationships with hundreds of commercial real estate investors resulting in sales consistently earning her recognition as one of the top producing agents in USA.

Kenji K.

Marketing Director

English – French – Creole

Julie Battesti

Marketing Coordinator

English – French – Spanish

Mateo betancurth

Global Real Estate Advisor

English – Spanish – Italian

Mateo Betancurth possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate market and handles mid-range to high-end luxury residences and condos in Miami and adjacent areas. His clients come from a variety of backgrounds, and he provides them peace of mind in what might otherwise be a stressful time by keeping them updated on market trends, following up on every detail, making himself available, and guiding them throughout the entire buying or selling process.

Nataliya okhten

Global Real Estate Advisor

English – Ukrainian – Russian

Luda ganchenko

Global Real Estate Advisor

English – Russian

Samantha nioche

Global Real Estate Advisor

English – French – Spanish

Samantha has chosen to grace the Miami real estate market with a dynamic combination of business skills and a refreshing mark of positivity. Emanating with an overflowing amount of positive energy, Samantha’s clients naturally gravitate to her through her delightful demeanor all while knowing that she upholds an incredibly high sense of professionalism.

karina benzineb

Global Real Estate Advisor

English – French

Karina Benzineb is a passionate Global Real Estate Advisor. She has extensive experience in Branding & Sales to achieve excellent results. Karina partnered with one of the top real estate brokers in Miami and they have been selected by property owners like you for their professional and innovative approach to marketing and selling luxury real estate. She is a strong believer that ” Home” life is the foundation for every other aspect of one’s life. 

Jacqueline Pallango

Closing Coordinator